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issue n°1 capitolo fantasmata

In a place who's connotation is indefinite - a courtyard, a temple or a public space where announcements are echoing - three figures inhabiting different spaces, who transform each other through continuous rhythmical throw-aways and exchanges and who end up leaving in the space the remains of a sort of ritual, are meeting. It's as if they were servants of a circular shaped destiny which keeps repeating: an arrival, a departure and an arrival again.
Developed using iconographic elements, the three figures are the fruit of the elaboration of the protagonists of the archaic Annunciation story.
Each one of them has an identity and inhabits space guided by a solo work representing the figure and her role, by a work on the perception of the other, the creation of a relationship in continuous evolution and by the process of her own mutation.
Issue n°1 originated from a reflection about time as the principal location of dance: about the possibility of concentrating into one image the memory of the newly developed dynamic and the thrust toward further movement. The possibility of creating a temporally layered image without narration.
Space is treated as  graphic tridimensional space, in who's volume paths and trajectories are recorded. The work, in this sense, is supported by purely choreographic research: rhythmical-spacial creations between bodies and the inclusion of gestuality transport perception and punctuate the commingling of abstraction and concreteness.
At the same time space is also considered as "dramaturgic": arrival and departures become paths dislocated amongst space and inhabitants (where the performance space allows it) from an itinerant audience.
In fact, it's a work thought for both the theatrical box and for a more complex space.
Journey, arrival, departure are the pretext for a performance in tableau with music as soundtrack.


Project and choreography Nandhan Molinaro
Elisa Zucchetti

Antonella Marra
Nandhan Molinaro
Claudia Pintus

Sound design
Anton Berman
Lorenzo Bianchi
Roberto Rettura

Set design and installation Martina della Valle
Espz & Martina della Valle

Light design
Paolo Casati


"[…]Schaun und Geschautes, Aug und Augenweide
sonst nirgends als an dieser Stelle -: sieh,
dieses erschreckt. Und sie erschracken beide.
Dann sang der Engel seine Melodie."


45 minutes

produced by ESPZ 2009
Coproduction Danae Festival 2009 - progetto Ares with the support from the Fondazione Cariplo
Supported by AgoràajSkenè ( Aksé-Crono 2008) (I)

A special thanks to Michele di Stefano, Beatrice Sarosiek