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flipside 1° study dedicated to Milano


The term Flipside can mean the back side of a disk but also, in a more  figurative sense, the less evident side of things, of reality. In the U.S. the word  is used in the expression "see you on the flipside", "flipside" meaning simply a different place, unknown,  maybe invisible under the sun light. We are inspired by the concept of "prospective change" which is intrinsically suggested by the word and we choreographically transposed this principle.
The graphic composition envisions the study of the space to be filled. Each portion of the page obtains a depth of meaning through negative and positive spaces, colors and intersections which provide us with a key to read the message. They raise one element or another to the foreground.
The choreography has the same potential: the body becomes the prime graphic element (a line or a dot) and meaning is given by  the exclusive continuity with space and rhythm.
In other words, the action of a dancer assumes a value only according to the space that he occupies and according to the relation that is created with what will be "drawn" around him.
In order to stress the features of a voyage, of a world in which the reconstruction can only be made through a personal game of association carried out by us, the dancers, the musicians, or the audience, we used the individual characters and the actions of each performer: different situations coexisting in the scenic space, like elements of a coincidence, unfolding sequentially in different ways according to the perspective from which they are observed.
Our attempt is to create a multiple reality, governed by a multiple and segmented rhythm, in which perspective changes open the doors to the perception of unexpected images.
The first part of Flipside is dedicated to Milano. To its invisible and shareable structure, to its quotidian chaos and to its inevitable heaviness. All the sounds are recorded  and elaborated in Milano. We mainly rehearsed in Milano, in a studio that was defined: a long and narrow rectangle, like a street.


"The images of Klee can concretely assume, depending on the intended mental association, names like: star, vase, plant, animal, head, man. The mental associations which set up a dialog between their lines apparently without meaning or, as Goethe would say, loaded with meaning and void of explanation, is one of the favorite themes of Klee.P."
Cappelletti L'inafferrabile visione. Pittura e scrittura in Paul Klee


30’ minuts

produced by ESPZ 2007/8
supported by Tanzwerkstatt – Aachen e Theateraachen Moergens (D)

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progetto e coreografia
Nandhan Molinaro
Elisa Zucchetti

Anton Berman

Antonella Marra
Nandhan Molinaro
Claudia Pintus
Elisa Zucchetti

Anton Berman