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Disparitions, is inspired by work of the artist Sophie Calle, from which we took the title. The central idea is to represent the memory of a performance that is no longer there. The show refered to is I know I know. I know  know becomes a museum piece reconstructed through various languages: dance, photography, speech.
The objective of Disparitions is a redefinition of choreographic language through other domains of reference. A sort of x-ray of the staging that pushes dance through a continuous return to the creative moment, showing its alphabet.
Disparitions has a very simple structure: the two authors of I know I know recount, almost as if giving a lecture, the now past performance, showing pieces of choreography kept in memory, sometimes by listening to music tracks, sometimes by interviews of the musician and the people participating to the creation. Included  in the form of correspondence, are also other, later texts by the authors, reporting the genesis of Disparitions and creating the intersection of different temporal planes. These temporale planes are also multiplied by the use on stage, of photography like an image of remembrance.


project and choreography Nandhan Molinaro
Elisa Zucchetti

Nandhan Molinaro
Elisa Zucchetti

“the sound”
Matteo Lanfranchi

“the joker”
Thomas Fiedler

light designer
Irene Maccagnani


30 minuts

produced by ESPZ 2006
supported by Tanzwerkstatt – Aachen e Theateraachen Moergens (D)
end AgoràKajSkenè (Aksè – Convivio 2006 (I)



"On march the 18th 1990, six of Rembrant, Manet, Flink and Vermer's paintings, five of Degas's drawings, one vase and a napoleonic eagle, were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Isabella Stewart Gardner had stipulated in her will that after her death, nothing in the museum was to be touched. So, after the theft, the spaces previously occupied by the stolen paintings and objects remained empty. I took a picture of this involontary staging of absence and I asked the conservators, guardians and other employees of the museum to describe the missing objects."  
Sophie Calle – Disparitions


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